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NAB 2017 - New Products!!

Every year around this time we see the coming and going of NAB. Arguably the largest broadcast industry trade show in the world.

All the big names take this time to announce and release new products to try and get one up on their rivals. This year has been no exception with the likes of Zoom and Tentacle Sync shaking up the sound recording market pretty significantly over the last year or two. There's was a fair bit of excitement from a few manufacturers who just couldn't resist making pre-NAB announcements and some great stuff announced over the course of the event. Here's a few of the best bits that caught my eye.


Sound Devices Mix-Pre 3 and Mix-Pre 6

Two new mini mixer/recorders from Sound Devices looking to take on jobs with lower complexity than you might need a full flagship 6-series mixer/recorder for. That said these still have some top notch in house designed pre-amps. The feature set is really focussed on vloggers and self shooting content that requires a lower cost product with things like HDMI timecode. More at the Sound Devices website.

Zaxcom Deva

The new pinnacle in portable recording technology from Zaxcom. 12 mic preamps and 24 channels of recording. Will be priced at the top end of recorders.

DPA d:vice

Lovely little audio recording interface for phones, tablets and laptops. Has two DPA MicroDot connectors for connecting their products directly to the interface. Works on iOS, OSX, Windows and limited support for Android devices (but no guarantees on Android performance)


Audio Ltd Digital 1010 Dual Channel Receiver

Audio Ltd finally bring the dual-channel single-slot size receiver to market. Two pristine digital channels with true diversity receivers for each channel. Long awaited but well worth the wait. This is basically the Rolls Royce of wireless systems and the price will be reflected in that.

Lectrosonics M2T Digital IEM

Full digital IEM system for use on set. High end spec and features. Designed for cart rigs or theatre productions.


There's a theme for low-ish cost miniature timecode kit this year after Tentacle swept the entry level market a year or two ago. These are all great products with interesting individual features, and look to really shake things up this summer.

Ambient Nano Lockit

Tiny wireless timecode for a low price of £300, with deals for double packs in the region of £500. Syncs to the Ambient Clockit Network.

Timecode Systems Ultrasync ONE

Tiny Timecode and Genlock box with a 25hr battery. Blink RF link. Has a USB Type-C port for charging and data control. Also low cost at £240.

Tentacle Sync v2

The Tentacle guys are at it again. This new version, has only been teased so far but rumour has it that it will cost and generally behave much the same way as the original, but will have bluetooth control, allowing quick changes without having to connect a cable.

Mozegear Qbit

Ultra miniature timecode, with a short battery life of about 4 hours. Suitable for adding to weight concious rigs... It's so tiny!!!


iZotope RX6

RX6 adds a ton of new features; the advanced bundle, as seems to be standard, has all of the ultra new algorithms for removing specific noise profiles, while the standard edition picks up the previous versions advanced features. More info on iZotope's website.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve with Fairlight Audio

DaVinci Resolve has been a go to tool for grading and editing for a time. Now they've added proper tools for audio post production in conjunction with Fairlight audio, whose DAW type products have focussed heavily on sound for picture mixing. This should really put pressure on Avid to build an all in one suite for post production.

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