Podcast Recording

Since the first podcasts were published around 2004 there has been immense growth in the industry. Now podcasts make up a significant portion of the content that people are listening to wherever they might be. It has become a substitute for radio for a lot of people, flicking between specific content that they want to listen to whenever and wherever they want it. And there is an appetite for content across a huge swathe of topics. 

I've been involved in podcasts from the very beginning, and have developed a very good system for recording them in almost any location. Using state of the art location recording technology, as used in film and TV production, plugged into some of the latest dynamic broadcast grade microphones, we can record podcasts on location that sound great straight out of the recorder. Combined with sound editing and post production techniques honed over years of experience we can make world class podcast recordings. All we need is a great topic to talk about.

While there is a "standard package" that covers a lot of ground, not all podcast recordings are going to be the same. We have the skill and kit to deliver a versatile range of recording solutions in any environment.

Podcasting Kit


Aston Stealth x2

Telefunken M82


Sound Blankets

Mic stands; short floor stands, short table stands and table arms


Sound Devices 744T

Zoom F8

Headphones & Personal Amps

Audio Technica AT M50x

Sony MDRZX110


Behringer MA400 Personal Headphone Amps

Podcast Editing

To edit and produce a podcast is in it's most basic form a job of arranging all of your components and setting your levels right; but by making use of some techniques and technology honed over the last 15 years, editing audio for music, film and commercials, good recordings made with modest equipment can be elevated to a very high, broadcast quality, and even recover less than ideal recordings made over Zoom or other conferencing software to a more than acceptable level.

Using digital emulations of premium analogue hardware and tactile physical controls I can tastefully bridge the gap between clinical modern sound and characterful analogue production.

 - Set levels and mix the audio to a consistent level throughout the episode or series.

 - Add premium character and radio-like presentation to your recordings.

 - Sound design to add texture to the piece. 

   - Generate short musical stings / jingles from the most basic hummed ideas.