Rate Card

All rates on this page are subject to change based on regular reviews of "the going rate" as per BECTU advice*

All rates are labour only rates based on 10 hour working days. All are subject to kit hire fees.

ENG / PSC / Corporate

Sound Recordist


Feature Film

Production Sound Mixer


1AS / Boom Op




Sound Maintenance


Micro Budget**

Production Sound Mixer

£300 / parity with cam op or 1AD

1AS / Boom Op

£200 / parity with 1AC


£150 / Parity with 2AC

Commercial / APA***

Production Sound Mixer / Sound Recordist


1AS / Boom Operator


2AS / 2nd Boom


Kit Package Deals (per day)


Basic PSC / ENG / Corporate / Drama  -  £140

 - Recorder / Mixer, 2x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT

Standard Drama Bag -  £280

 - Recorder / Mixer, 4x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT,

3x Wireless Headsets, 2x Timecode box

Drama Cart Rig  -  £390

 - Recorder, Mixer, 6x Radios, 2x Boom & mics for INT / EXT,

4x Headsets, 2x Timecode box

APA / Commercial Cart package  -  £330

 - Recorder, Mixer, 4x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT,

4x Headsets, 2x Timecode box

Additional Items

Radio mic kits: £60 per pair of channels

Radio IEM/Headsets: £15 each

Radio Camera Feed: mono £30 | stereo £60 (per camera)

Timecode sync box: £20 each

Timecode Slate: £30

All rates are subject to change and can be negotiated based on the length of the shoot.

*The BECTU rate cards are public documents of the going and expected rates for crew. The latest sound department sheet can be found HERE

** Micro budget is defined as a feature film that is filming for 29 days or less with an appropriately small budget so as not to be defined as "low budget"

*** APA rates are set by APA and should be adhered to by all APA members and production companies working with APA agencies on commercial content.

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