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Rate Card

All crew rates on this page are taken from the latest BECTU and APA rate cards. 

All are subject to kit hire fees as outlined in the box below the crew rates.

Documentary and Factual

Sound Recordist Rate 2024 (Custom).png

TV and Film

FILM & TV Rates 2024 Smaller.png

Branded Content / Commercial / APA***

Taken from the 2022 APA rate card

APA Recommended Sound Rates 2024.png

Example Kit Rates

Basic PSC / ENG / Corporate / Short Drama  -  £200/day

 - Recorder / Mixer, 2x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT

1x Timecode Box

Long form Scripted Drama  -  £/weekly

Under Long form you have access to my complete kit package.

Any special items beyond the remit of the discussed requirements and rates will be charge on a daily basis.

Compact Audio Playback Rig - £200

Laptop with DAW and Timecode prepped track(s)

Audio interface/mixer

PA system

Timecode distribution

Timecode Slate

Itemised Pricing

Additional Boom: £15

Radio mic kits: £35 per channel

Radio IEM/Headsets: £15 each

Radio Camera Feed: mono £30 | stereo £60 (per camera)

Timecode sync box: £15 each

Timecode Slate: £35

Please get in touch for detailed pricing on specific items or any special requests, such as in-ear playback and cueing systems.

*The BECTU rate cards are public documents of the going and expected rates for crew. The latest sound department sheet can be found on their website.

** APA rates are set by APA and should be adhered to by all APA members and APA agencies producing commercial and branded content.

NOTE: All rates on this page were correct a time of writing but subject to change without notice based on industry review and new BECTU and APA rate cards being published. To guarantee the very latest correct rates please either ask for a quote or take a look at the easily found rate cards from the union bodies.

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