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Game Audio: Dialogue on the Volume

Dialogue for games should get the same respect as it does in film. When sound and visuals match seamlessly we can help build deeper immersion in the complex, branching stories that games can deliver.

Video games have come a long way in the last few years, and one of the key immersion factors, which can't be addressed in engine by high res textures, higher quality meshes and sexy new lighting tech, is motion captured performance animation. It can bring real emotional expression to character models and add realism of motion to every action. Those performance captured animations deserve to be treated with the same respect as they are in film. Audio that is truly synchronised to facial and body movement ties the performance together and has the capacity to build emotional engagement into the scene.

I have a passion for capturing and delivering the unique performances of actors on set, or location, as the director intended. Bottling that magic that can only be captured in live performance between actors is one of my great pleasures. Applying my experience in film and AAA video games, I can help to drive immersion and engagement by delivering cinematic audio for your perfectly captured motion.

We're not just limited to dialogue and mocap performance though; I'm more than happy recording all sorts of content for the game across cinematics and gameplay, including bespoke sound effect. I can even brush off my music recording chops and offer binaural and surround recording techniques as required.

I've also been working for a long time on promotional content for games, including promotional videos and behind the scenes projects. With a number of projects winning awards over the years.

Key Projects

Hellblade II : Senua's Saga

Dialogue recording for Cinematics and Gameplay.

Alan Wake 2 sq.jpg

Alan Wake II: Behind The Scenes

Location Recording for the award winning BTS "making of" series for Alan Wake II.

A few of the companies I've worked with

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geurrilla games sq.jpg
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