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Can Sound Be Light? (2017)

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

In a desperate attempt to save my spine from years of abuse I have been considering the weight of the kit I carry across my shoulders. In doing so I've been compiling statistics on the earthly mass of every bit of kit I carry with me; and, by way of comparison, every other alternative part that could make up a sound-persons bag and boom. I've created a selection of handy tables and decided to share my findings with you, the people of the internet.

Location Recorders

Radio Mic receivers

Sound Bags (size laid out as per recorder orientation for easy matching)


Battery Caddies

Boom Poles (around the size I currently own)

Shotgun Mics

Wind Shields


Peli Cases

Now all you have to do is design your ideal system by weight! How light is your rig? How much lighter can you make your rig? Comment below!

Also if you'd like me add any other products or columns to these tables I'd happily do the working for them; just leave a comment.

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