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Sound Devices refresh their entire range!

Sound Devices have long been among the go-to recorders in Film & TV production, with both offering feature rich mixers for use on location shoots, and they've just refreshed their entire range of recorders and mixers, discontinuing nearly everything in their catalogue of products that was available just months ago!

In those spaces they have refreshed the entire MixPre series, condensing it down to three models, the MixPre 3 II, MixPre 6 II and MixPre 10T II. Gone are the "music" variations with that functionality simply implemented as an operation mode in the new MixPre x II series. The new models also all have 32 bit recording available across the board.

Beyond their semi-pro/consumer line they have also completely refreshed their professional location mixer range. This started with the Scorpio, replacing the top end 6 series with a 32 channel recorder including a 16x16 Dante interface, then they announced the 833, a direct replacement for the old 633, but now with six full features mic preamps. Finally they announce the 888. This is a return of the form factor of the 788T, and probably is the 788's closest relation. Eight mic pre's and a 16 channel Dante interface.

The new professional mixers really are a complete replacement for any 6 series or even the venerable 788T. They all include mic preamps on every balanced analogue input, and the 888 and Scorpio both incorporate Dante networking for increasing channel counts or splitting stage preamps; it's a very versatile, if deeply technical, interfacing system that can be used to create complex routings over simple RJ45 runs. They also allow simple one cable integration with the Audio Ltd A10 Rack.

Full overviews of the new professional 8 series mixers will be coming soon...

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