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Audio Ltd A10 Firmware Update Gets 20% More Range!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A new firmware update (ver 2.80) from Audio Ltd has improved functionality of their already great A10 radio system giving up to 20% more range in most typical use-case scenarios.

The update also promises improved performance when the receiver is locking on to transmitters. The full change list can be read below: Firmware Version 2.80 - Released January 2020


Up to a 20% increase in overall range.

All situations will see an increase in range up to 20%, but that will still depend on the environment, indoors/outdoors, antenna type, line of sight, reflections, other RF etc.

Mute Button changed for better useability: hold the left button to toggle Mute on and off (when Mute function is enabled).

Button Lock changed to eliminate accidental cancellation: hold the right button then press the Power button.


Infrequent problem of A10-RX not locking to a given transmitter has been fixed.

Audio Ltd recommend this firmware update to all users. Users still running firmware below version 2.00 must update both transmitters and receivers to above version 2.00 for compatibility.

The latest firmware can be found on Audio Ltd downloads site:

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