Updated: Jan 23, 2020

This is a thread of kit I have for sale. Please do get in touch directly if any of the items are of interest to you. (images to follow)

Sound Devices 744T - £1000

In good working order, and has been a reliable workhorse for a number of years since I acquired it as my first professional level recorder. I'll include my CF card media as I no longer have use for it without this machine.

Comes with Sound Devices carry bag, Hirose mains power supply, and TA3 to XLR input and output cables for line inputs 3 & 4 and the two line outputs. A couple of LED's on the front panel don't work, but pressing on them can make them light up. Should be a simple fix by any of the usual repair techs.

Audio Ltd EN2 Dual Channel kit - £2000

Two transmitters and a dual receiver. comes with a range of output cables for the receiver, input cables for the transmitters, as well as DPA microdot connectrs for the TXP transmitters. It also comes with a Hawkwoods V-Lock power distro for mounting the RX on a camera.

Audio Ltd EN2 single channel receiver - £400

A single receiver for the above radio mics. It's the version with the 3.5mm jack connector that can be used IEM receiver

Sennheiser MKH 30 - £1000

Mint condition used only a handful of times since it was replaced by Sennheiser in 2008. Been housed in the below Rycote MS blimp for most of its life

Rycote MS Windshield kit for Sennheiser MKH 30 + 40/60 - £280

Really good condition old style Rycote with the elastic suspension, with clips moulded to the unique shape of the Sennheiser MKH 30/40/50/60. Comes with Connbox and XLR5 to two XLR3 cable.

Sennheiser G2 Beltpacks Tx's and RX's - £100 per pack (4 pairs available)

Decent condition G2 kits, mostly ex-rental. Including lav mics

830-866MHz frequency band

Sennheiser G2 Half Rack RX - £100 (4 available)

Great condition come with power supplies and BNC antenna.

830-866MHz frequency band.

Sennheiser G2 Handheld mic - £100 (3 available)

Great condition in full working order

830-866MHz frequency band

One is missing a button on the base, but still switchable with a pencil/screwdriver. (£80 for the one with the missing button)

SQN 4S Series II - £200

Great condition SQN mixer, comes with bag and camera umbilical cable.

Been used only a handful of times since it was serviced about 4 years ago.

Oktava MK012 - £200 (4 available)

Excellent condition multi capsule sets with mic clip and original box

Audio Technica AT877 - £150

Well used mic, in perfect working order. Takes a AA battery for operation without P48 power.

AKG C 586 EB - £150

Good sounding shotgun microphone well worn from years of use. Full working order.

Sachtler SN601 "Eargonizer" Sound Bag - £120

Bag is in good used condition but is missing the clear plastic cover. Comes with its original strap and most accessories.

Sachtler SN605 Heavy Duty Harness - £60

Nice harness system, comes with its net carry bag, and the radio pouch.

Mic Stands

Lots of mic stands, mainly Studiospares basic stands, but also a few K&M and Beyerdynamic ones.

Also available are two very large K&M "choir stands" with boom arms and counterweights.

Bonus bits; stuff I'm not actively looking to sell but would if needed with other items I'm selling.

Sennheiser MKH 40 - £800

An amazing sounding microphone in great condition, used infrequently as a boom mic, and comes complete with the Sennheiser suspension mount.

Would make the perfect full MS stereo kit with the MKH 30 and Rycote system. I'd be willing to sell the whole Rycote/Sennheiser bundle for £1900.

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