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New Gear Day // Audio Ltd A10 Digital Wireless (w/ DPA Core 4061 mics)

Excitement levels off the scale, I've just taken delivery (actually two weeks ago now) of my own first truly professional level wireless audio system.

The dual channel Audio Ltd A10 digital wireless system.

I've been meaning to get off the Sennheiser G2/3 wagon for a while now, and have finally mustered the courage to splurge the balance of my credit card on a complete set of radios, plus mics.

Last month I added 2 sets of Sony UWP-D radios, with ECM-77 mics, to achieve better audio quality and better transmission strength. I was very happy with those, and continue to be; as I'll be using those as both radio camera links and as additional mic packs too. The Sony RX's have the advantage of having incredible integration with Sony cameras like the FS5 and FS7, when used in conjunction with their powered hot shoe adapter, and I just can't deny how popular those cameras are among owner operators, and their prolific use for corporate video and low/mid tier commercial projects.

Now with my work year picking up again, I'm preparing by getting the best of the best kit to help me deliver better sound to my clients! The Audio Ltd A10 system, which has been on my radar for a year or so now, should be just the ticket for delivering better, cleaner radio mic transmission.

It combines the immense audio quality associated with Audio Ltd products, with a lightweight pack low latency digital transmission and integrated recording for those out of range moments. Only Zaxcom, from the US, have a truly 1 for 1 competing product; Sennheiser and Sony also have digital systems, but without that integrated recorder.

From the two weeks I've now had using them on locations across Europe I must confess I'm impressed. Almost cable quality transmission of the DPA mics, with bluetooth control of key functions; gain, LCF, frequency, and that 48V phantom power adding the option of a wireless boom is a great addition to my toolset.

I think it's fair to say my radio mic game will be lifted by this product!

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