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The Importance of Sound

Directors and producers are being increasingly reminded that in order for their picture to be taken seriously they must have great sound; recorded, mixed and designed to a top level. Various sources on the web have shown that having great recorded dialogue is paramount to your actors and contributors being intelligible and getting their message across.

The last thing I want to do is reduce the importance of great cinematography. It can help shape a story by revealing visual elements in order to push the story home. It can add suspense with lighting and do some wonderfully subtle things; and it is afterall what we're actually watching. But if you have actors on screen and they're talking with (or shouting at) one another then the last thing you want to have is unintelligible dialogue. So while sound isn't necessarily greater than picture it can almost undoubtedly make or break the picture.

Even major broadcasters have the occasional lapse. Interesting and otherwise engaging interviews with high profile individuals that get wrecked by poor audio for their web content; this enrages the professional sound community, who might have been overlooked for the job in favour of a single camera operator / videographer who says he can bring his own "sound stuff".

It's all fine them having the kit, but if they don't know what it means when the red light on the meters comes on then what's the point of having them there at all.

Better sound makes for a better picture. After all what is an explosion without the sound.

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