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Microphone Reviews

Here I'll be slowly developing this basic spec-sheet for mics I've used and want to use. I'll also be writing and recording reviews of each mic as I work my way through the list, so you can read my thoughts on them and hear how they sound on relatively even terms. Same room, same mic pre, same source and source material, and so on as far as I can.

Hopefully this resource can provide some insight beyond the specifications listed here and give some idea of a variety of characteristics that can be identified in any given mic, which in turn should help in determining which mics are most suited to what applications and which may be the best for you. If you have any requests for reviews or just mics to add to the spec sheet please leave a comment below the table.

You can use the search function at the top right of the table to find details in the list that may be of immediate use to you; so search for "DPA" and it should reveal all of the DPA mics that I've tried; search for "shotgun" and it should show just a list of shotguns.

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