Home Studio Work

Over the years I've built a small but well featured home studio space for post production services. It is nicely calibrated for stereo near-field monitoring. The hardware running in the studio is based around a powerful PC workstation and RME UFX interface, running a variety of high end software and plugins; with a few bits of decent analog outboard too.

Audio Post Production for Video and Mixing and Mastering Music

The studio runs ProTools, Reaper, Ableton Live, iZotope RX Advanced, and a wide variety of other high end plugins from iZotope, Solid State Logic, Softube, SoundToys, Waves and Zynaptiq; and even features a few bits of outboard hardware.

I have a lot of experience in tidying up dialogue and can really work some magic cleaning out extraneous noise from recordings and making recordings sound more professional. I'm offering this service for any project; from the complete editing of podcasts, cleanup of interviews and film dialogue. I would also like to offer dialogue editing, limited sound design and mixing for short films. See the link to my post production credits below for more on what I've worked on.


My particular niche is actually in mixing and mastering live music performances, usually whole concerts, to a releasable broadcast standard. The recordings that I've mixed can range from a solo singer/songwriter with just a guitar, to complete rock and pop bands. So would love to offer that service for bands and musicians needing their music mixed and mastered.


The Studio: Pictured here in it's original move-in state has since seen a few upgrades but remains largely the same, with a few small changes over the years. Namely, increasing the acoustic treatment and changing the configuration of outboard.


 - Ableton Live 11 Suite

 - Reaper

 - Pro Tools 11

 - Adobe Audition


 - RME Fireface UFX

 - Zoom F8

 - Dante Virtual Soundcard

 - Dante Via

Analogue Outboard

 - dbx 160A Compressor x2

500 Series Rack Preamps

 - Rupert Neve Designs 517

 - Burl Audio B1

 - Warm Audio WA12-500 MK2

 - SSL VHD Pre

 - Cranborne Audio Camden 500

Control Surfaces

 - Softube Console 1 MKII

 - Allen & Heath QU16



 - TC Electronic BMC-2


 - Neumann KH 120

 - Genelec S30NF (3-way)


 - Audio Technica M50x

 - Sennheiser HD26 Pro


 - RME DigiCheck



 - RX 9 Advanced

 - Ozone 9 Advanced

 - Neutron 3 Advanced

 - Nectar 3 Plus

Native Instruments

 - Kontact Player

 - Reaktor Player

 - Driver

 - Supercharger

 - Raum

 - GGD Modern & Massive

 - Studio Drummer

Positive Grid



 - Console 1

   - American Class A

   - British Class A

   - Chandler Limited Zener-Bender

   - SSL SL 4000 E

   - Weiss Gambit Series

 - Empirical Labs Complete

 - Tube Tech Complete

 - Volume 5

 - Drawmer S73

 - Valley People Dyna-mite

 - Weiss Deess

 - Amp Room

 - Tape Echoes

 - Dirty Tape


 - AutoAlign Post 2

Solid State Logic 

 - Native Bus Compressor 2

 - Native Channel Strip 2

 - Native Vocalstrip 2

 - Native X-Comp

 - Native X-EQ 2

 - Native X-Saturator

 - Native LMC+


 - Room

 - UberMod

 - SpaceModulator

 - Supermassive


 - Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain

 - Clarity Vx Pro 

 - Greg Wells VoiceCentric

 - InPhase

 - NS1 Noise Suppressor

 - One Knob Louder

 - One Knob Phatter

 - Playlist Rider

 - PRS Super Models

 - WLM Loudness Meter