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Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

Video Game


Sound Recordist

Dialogue recording for the cinematic and narrative driven gameplay sequences of the game.

With detailed facial capture, which is recorded simultaneously with motion captured movement, the requirement for film level recorded audio that matches the performance is becoming a stronger focus for narrative driven games. Performance is such a key part of selling the narrative just like filmed drama.
Bafta winning actress Melina Juergens back reprising her leading role as Senua.
Sound team led by the award winning David Garcia Diaz.
Len Usselman sharing the sound recording duties over the course of the filming blocks.

Tech Notes:
DPA 4060 and 4061 lav mics mounted directly to HMC helmets, giving a strong centre forehead mount.
A mix of Lectrosonics Digital DBu radios with additional cast on Sound Devices A10 Digital.
Recording onto Sound Devices MixPre 10T, and later 888.

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