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Alan Wake 2 x JackSepticEye: Escaping the Dark Place

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Production Sound Mixer

JackSepticEye and Gab Smolders do an Alan Wake 2 themed escape room.

Gab's BTS video, which we also captured on the day, is here:

One of two gaming content creator teams to do this one off escape room style experience themed around the game Alan Wake 2, in promotion of the launch of the game.

Probably one of the more complex jobs of my career so far, with playback of sound design elements into a multi-room exploration space, as well as capturing clean audio across the 3 levels (plus a mezzanine) of the studio space.

- Sound Devices 888 with Icon Platform M+ control surface.
- Audio Ltd A10 Radios with DPA 4061 lav mics.
- Sennheiser 8060 on the A10 radio boom.
- Dante connected Ableton Live session running all of the sound effects across 8 output groups.
- Glensound Devine Dante PoE Speakers for long runs.
- Fostex 6301NB and Genelec 1029a active monitors for shorter analog runs.
- Audinate Dante AVIO 0x2 outputs.

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