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PureGym | Rise Above The Noise (International Women's Day 2022)

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This International Women’s Day, we’re championing women everywhere that #RiseAboveTheNoise of gender bias every day.

Women have been told many things. That we can’t be as strong. That we throw like a girl. That we’ll look too manly if we lift. Or that we need to stick to the pink weights.

We want to encourage women to block out the noise and instead be unapologetically themselves. The incredible women featured in our film are either PureGym members or part of the PureGym team. We asked them to share their experiences of gender bias and how they #RiseAboveTheNoise.

Thanks to Harley, Tanya, Samara, Beth, Tessa, Sereen & Alex for taking part and sharing your stories 💙
Read their full stories on our website 👉

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