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I Have Heard You Calling In The Night

Short Drama


Production Sound Mixer / Post: Edit & Mix

A wrong number from a suicidal Irishman on a remote train platform leads to a trainee vicar saving his life…by mistake.

Written and performed by: Will Bishop & Colm Gleeson
Produced by: Stephen Hagan & Saskia Baylis
Directed by: Paul Bertellotti

The conversation was shot in a single take with two cameras. Will and Colm were both boomed and lav mic'd.
I was very ably assisted by Filip Sowa, who boomed the station side.
Due to crewing limitations the parish office was covered by a boom on a stand...

Production Sound Tech Spec:
- Zoom F8 Mixer/Recorder with FRC-8 Fader Controller
- The Concart Picnic Sound Cart
- Audio Ltd A10 Wireless Booms
- Sennheiser MKH 8060 (exterior) and MKH 8050 (interior)
- Sennheiser 5212-II personal radios
- DPA 4061 lav mics, in Bubblebee Concealers
- Timecode Systems UltraSync One
- Audio Wireless DADM 226 RF distribution
- Sennheiser G3 IEM's

Post Production Notes:
Given it was majority shot in one take the dialogue edit was very simple, with the whole take only needing very minor noise reduction in iZotope RX 9 Advanced, without any alts required from the other few takes. I also phase aligned the Boom's and Lavs using Sound Radix Auto-Align Post, giving it an instant best of both worlds feel.
I put the whole mix through Softube's Console 1 on every channel too. This approach offers a variety of powerful tools on a plugin control surface, giving tactile control of levels, transients, EQ, compression and subtle saturation effects (modelled from real high end mixing desks) which help to glue the mix together.
For limiters I used Softube's Weiss MM-1 with loudness monitored and adjusted with Waves WLM Plus.

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