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Back to the Future: The Musical - Happy Valentines Day

Social Media Promo


Sound Recordist

Happy Valentine's Day future boys and girls! 💘
Have some fun! Just don't do anything Lorraine wouldn't do... 🤪⚡

A short original comedy script for a Valentines Day promotional video, performed by the cast of the musical.

Shot in the gap between lunch and the show starting we needed to get though the script quickly, including the set changes. I had a DPA 4061 lav mic on Lorraine, but everything else was boomed for expediency. Audio A10 radios on both boom and lav. Sennheiser MKH 8060 on the boom.

As a note: The audio has been processed in the edit to sound a bit distorted to give it a "1950's style". It was clean on the way in!

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