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Tom Grennan x Flannels

Branded Content / Music


Sound Recordist

Tom Grennan is one of the faces of Tommy Hilfiger, and also an incredibly popular artist, with his first album going Gold and his second hitting the UK charts at number one.

In this co-promotional material I recorded a short interview with Tom, and also a three song live set that debuted on Instagram, on 29th April 2021, and was only available for a few hours. As such the live performance has been lost to the ether. Although I imagine there are some bootleg recordings of it somewhere if you can dig out enough internets.

The interview was a standard MKH 8060 boom and DPA 4061 lav setup on Audio Ltd A10 radios.

The Live music was just as simple with just Tom and his guitarist performing stripped back acoustic versions. Tom sang into a Shure SM57, while still wearing his DPA lav mic; and acoustic guitar was covered by a DI and a pair of Neumann KM84i for a bit of space. My mix experimentation at home pulled out some amazing results from this simple rig. Final mix was delivered by another mix engineer.

For more info on the event please take a look at Flannels site:

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