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Scotland: Our Climate Journey



Post: Dialogue Edit, Sound Design & Final Mix

Shot on location all over Scotland by a team led by Scout Studio, and debuting during COP26, this is film takes a look into what Scotland has achieved to reach it's climate goals, as set in law by the government.

I had the pleasure of doing the full pass of audio post production on the final hour long film.
The edit had already placed a number of assets, like music and some basic backgrounds and SFX, but I filled each of these out with a combination of sounds from my own personally recorded sound library and from the Soundly Pro Library.

The majority of the edit challenges were limited to the dialogue edit pass; dialogue recorded in very windy conditions without the appropriate wind protection, and occasional off camera interjection from the director, who was not mic'd up, which needed to sound good enough to be heard (with a bit of a subtitle to back it up).

That left me time to build some great wind-scapes from some great recordings I made a few years ago when we had some very high winds one evening.

I mixed the project in Reaper, using a range of plugins, including modules from iZotope RX9 Advanced, and my latest mix tool, Softube's Console 1, which gives me access to a very real sounding and configurable console channel strip on every channel with very low CPU overhead.

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