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Hidden Camera Comedy


Sound Recordist

A hidden camera show where Chunkz and Nico wind up members of the public for some comedy reactions. All filmed in an active WingStop chicken shop in central London.

A decent sized sound rig, with numerous sources and feeds. I mixed and recorded it on my Zoom F8, which was definitely at the limit of it's abilities. I also used the FRC-8 fader panel to simplify control of all eight inputs, and all four outputs.
Radio mic packs on Chunkz and Nico were Sennheiser 5212-II, with DPA 4061 lavs in Bubblebee Concealers, received by Wisycom MCR42. They were also wearing Sennheiser G2 IEM packs with individual feeds, and Bubblebee Sidekick 2 discreet in-earphones.

Two fixed Sennheiser MKH 60 and 8060 shotgun plant mics by the main cameras, two more radio plants on Sony UWP-D systems, and another pair of radio plants on Audio Ltd A10, all using DPA 4061 omni lavs.

Chunkz and Nico had independent feeds, from a single G3 IEM transmitter (thanks to Sennheiser's "Focus" function on their receivers) so that they could always hear each other wherever they were, and the mic at the control room when it was active. There were also two more headphone feeds for the control room for director and client.

Timecode was fed into six Blackmagic recorders by 2x Timecode Systems USO's using both outputs set to LTC, and a T splitter on the high level output, allowing each USO to feed three inputs comfortably.

Radio coverage was achieved over three floors of the building with our curtained off control room on the middle floor. The incoming radios were all run through Audio Wireless DADM226 antenna distribution with 2x Lectrosonics SNA600 on a pole, and the IEM TX running out to a single Sennheiser A1031 Omni paddle antenna.

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