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AJ Tracey - Little More Love

Music Video


Sound Recordist

I played probably the smallest role of my career on this shoot, but with limited time to be ready to capture it as cleanly as possible on the day, in the midst of the rest of the crew building the rest of the music video, it was important to be ready to pickup the line as efficiently as possible.

"...and I took that personally" is a thematic homage to the Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance"; where Jordan uses the same line to describe his relationship with another member of the team.

I set up AJ with Audio Ltd A10 radios as personal mic secured in an URSA Strap with a DPA 4061 lav in a BubbleBee concealer, and another A10 TX wireless boom with a Sennheiser MKH 8060 on Rycote INV-Lite on my VdB M boom.

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