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Sound Recordist

Hour long doc following Rob Young, and his team, transforming a standard Porsche 911 GT2 into the ultimate track and road racing machine. A Porsche 911 with over 900bhp tested against the best road and race machines Porsche has to offer.

I shared Sound Recording duties on this with my good friend Len Usselman. He took the first 2/3 of the shoot dates across the country and then I joined him for the Anglesey and North Wales shoot days. We threw everything we had at this one. Sound Devices 633 was Len's main dialogue recorder, and we used Sound Devices 744T and Zoom F8 for the various car rigs we had set up for the numerous cars featured throughout the programme. Len was running Audio Wireless radios with DPA and Sanken lavs, and we both wielded Sennheiser MKH 60 shotgun mics. Timecode handled by Timecode Systems USO.

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