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Sound Work During Coronavirus

During these this unprecedented time of upheaval in the industry we must accept that there are very few circumstances that would be able to justify location visits for interviews which could otherwise be recorded over a consumer web service like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or the multitude of other voice and video web services. So my services are very much changed.

Consultation for Remote Interviews

I see an opportunity to improve the quality of self shot interviews. This is something I feel will be important over the coming months to help deliver quality content that may need to be self shot, due to self-isolation or under lock-down conditions, by non-tech people using equipment they might have at hand.

I am able to offer a consultation on primarily the sound element of this sort of production, by designing accessible audio packages that can be sent to contributors; and with a working knowledge of a variety of camera systems I can also advise on complete, self-contained shooting packages that are relatively simple. I feel that by supplying a set of basic equipment and instructions we can help to deliver high quality video content that can be a massive step up over what can be delivered over a live internet video link from a phone or laptop.

Post Production Studio for Podcasts, Video Interviews and Music

I have a calibrated stereo post production studio, running ProTools, iZotope RX, and a huge variety of other software and great hardware. I have a lot of experience in tidying up dialogue and can really work some magic cleaning out extraneous noise from recordings. I'm offering this service for any dialogue recordings; from the complete editing of podcasts, cleanup of interviews and even film dialogue. I would also like to offer dialogue editing and mixing for short films.

I also have a number of years experience making, recording and mixing music for broadcast. So would love to offer my services for bands and musicians needing their music mixed and mastered.

Please do feel free to get in touch with the details of your project and I will do my best to help in any way that I possibly can.